Year long discounts in 'The Mall'
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2011
After receiving great feedback from our members last year, we have officially launched 'The Mall' this year. One of the biggest complaints we received was that a user would want to make a purchase from a vendor that we featured in the past, but they couldn't remember their company name or website address. Instead of having to search through hundreds of pages of promotions to find vendors and the deals that they offered, we have instead created an area for vendors to showcase their company and sell their products.

In 'The Mall' you'll find a list of participating vendors and a discount code that can be used at their site when making a purchase. These listings will last the entire year and the discounts are good throughout the year as well.

Want to get your company listed in 'The Mall'? When buying a day on the calendar simply add the Mall Listing to your cart.