Welcome to the new AnyLuckyDay!
Posted on Dec 31st, 2010
I can't begin to tell you what an amazing year 2010 was. After starting AnyLuckyDay in 2009 I had no idea that it would eventually spiral into what it has become. I want to thank the amazing and supportive audience that visits daily and I want to especially thank the sponsors for choosing AnyLuckyDay as a venue to promote their products and services.

Now onto business. I hope everyone enjoys the new and improved look and feel of the site. I really think I've included everything that everyone has requested that wasn't available last year.

Up top you will find your four main navigation links that should help you get around the site. If you need more information on how the site works, you can check out the 'How It Works' page. If you want to see what is coming up in terms of giveaways, you can view the calendar and rollover any day that has a sponsor logo in it. When you rollover the day, a box will pop up providing you with more information about the day's giveaway. Cool, eh? You will also find all the past contests for 2011 on the Past Contests page, and you can view the 2010 contests by clicking the link at the top of that page. Finally, we will have a shopping mall this year where sponsors will offer exclusive discounts. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Years!