Pet Stop Store's Scholarship Giveaway

If you're a pet parent that adopted your furry companion, you can now participate in Pet Stop Store's Adopt a Pet Furend Quarterly Scholarship Giveaway program. Pet Stop Store would like to offer pet parents the opportunity to focus more on care, safety and providing a loving environment for their new FUREND. We want to help ease the financial stress of purchasing pet necessities by showing you our appreciation with a Thank You for saving a pet’s life scholarship prize valued at over $1,000 dollars. See scholarship prize package below. Furend Prize 1 Plush Bed & Blanket Collar, Leash & Harness Water & Food Bowl In Home Grooming Kit (e.g. nail clippers, brush, etc) Car Carrier Pet Travel Organizer 2 Tanks & 2 Sweaters 2 Toys Pet Owner Prize Kitchen Accessories (e.g. Treat Jar & Bowl set) 1 Custom Tote 1 PSS Tote Bag 1 PSS Mug 1 PSS Towel