Walton's BBQ, Burger, & Grilling Accessories Kit

$285 worth of BBQ & Grilling Accessories, plus seasonings for the ultimate BBQ Package. Includes Heat Resistant Gloves, a Slider Press, a Burger Press, the Stuff A Burger Press, a Walton's Can Cooler, our number 1 selling rub Excalibur's Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub, our favorite burger seasoning called Better Burger, plus 6 Excalibur Flavored Patty Mixes, 3 flavors of High Temp Cheeses to add to your burger mixes, an M-16 BBQ Spatula, Bullet Tongs for the grill, a Non-Stick Mat, 18in Pellet Smoker Tube for adding supplement smoke to any grill or smoker, and our favorite Waterproof Thermometer, plus a $75 Walton's gift card to help you get anything else from Walton's for your next BBQ.