Today is February 22, and today's giveaway is sponsored by My Accessory Business. [1] ONE lucky winner will receive a "My Accessory Business" Start-Up Kit.
“My Accessory Business” is a start-up accessory selling kit that gives you the freedom to sell accessory items included in the kit whenever and wherever you want and set your own prices. There are no commitments and the start-up cost is low. The idea behind “My Accessory Business” is that you get your entire inventory up front, along with a booklet on how you can sell your items for a profit. You also receive labels, your own business cards, a storage box, and jewelry displays so that you can start to sell instantly and keep all of your profits, no questions asked and no commitments to anyone. The accessories sold in the kit can be re-sold for triple the cost or even more! You’re free to keep the accessories you like for yourself and even give them away as gifts to friends.

There are 4 different kit options to choose from depending on your price range. The kits include a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair accessories, earrings and more! You also receive a FREE accessory sales idea booklet, FREE accessory displays, FREE business cards for you to customize, a FREE container to safely store your accessories inside and a FREE set of labels to price your accessories.
About My Accessory Business

Megan Andrus, the creator of “My Accessory Business”, has worked in the fashion industry for many years as an advertising art director and fashion stylist for several of the top Los Angeles based fashion houses. She personally hand picks each piece of jewelry in the kits. Your accessories will be in-style and celebrity inspired straight out of the magazines! Their professional Hollywood fashion stylists pick only the designs that sell the best! Within the first 7 days after receiving your shipment of items, if you are unhappy with the kit, you can return it completely for a full refund. No questions asked!
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